Do You Answer Yes to Any of These "Disruptive" Statements?

I've been told:
      • I come on too strong with staff.
      • I talk too loud.
      • My expectations are too high.
      • Some people find me intimidating.
      • I don't take criticism well.
      • I'm sometimes overly critical of others.
      • I seem unhappy.
      • I seem overly defensive.
      • I'm not a team player.
      • I'm disruptive.
This isn't an exhaustive list, but merely a short set of questions and comments I've listened to administrators, staff and other physicians say about doctors on staff. It's not fun being the physician other people talk about in negative terms. And, too often those peoples' opinion is that something should be done to you... you should be punished, forced into counseling or worse - loose your privileges or some other action you'll need to explain for the rest of your career. 

The reality is, if you're reading this, you're not disruptive because you want to be, but rather because your work, your practice environment and those around you aren't providing the types of support you need to be successful and positive.

it may be this practice is simply a bad fit for you. It may be you've not done a good job of helping people to understand you. But, the reality is, trying to "change" you will most likely only make you less happy. You can then either internalize all that frustration and hurt mostly yourself or externalize it and be seen as even more destructive and disruptive. 

There is another avenue, another path. That path is about understand your true motivators, your needs, your most comfortable and successful usual behaviors as well as those destructive and disruptive behaviors that are most often simply the result of stress - the stress of being the round peg pushed into a square hole. 

I use this same information with physician clients daily to define ideal work environments, help address team/collegial issues and communicate better, more accurately and more clearly, with others. I can help you understand how to improve your environment as well as to make the hard choices about change. 

Don't wait for punitive action to happen to you. Take control of your career now - for the better. 

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