A Different Model for Different Managers

Physician Management Models

Everyone has a management style. Knowing your inherent style, using it effectively, and executing your management objectives are learned behaviors.

At Physician Management Institute we follow a behavioral model utilizing the Birkman Method© assessment. Robert F. Priddy is a certified Birkman-Trained Consultant who is the largest user of the Birkman Method for physicians in the U.S.

Individual Management Styles I use in helping you achieve your best results follow the Birkman Definitions:
  • Knowledge Specialist : Contributes and leads by utilizing personal expertise and knowledge to find solutions. Leads by example. This includes managers and executives who are leaders in technical, educational, consulting and other specialized fields.
  • Directive Management : Personal, direct involvement in problem solving, controlling and implementing. Leads from the front in exercising authority. Includes managers and executives in action-driven organizations.
  • Delegative Management : Utilizes plans and strategies. Arranges resources and assists co-workers and teams in dealing with resource and implementation issues. Includes managers and executives in plan-driven organizations.

The foundation of the management process is the individual definition of management as identified and described by the Birkman instrument above, followed by coaching to learn about and appreciate your individual style, understand that you are unique, and how your management approach is likely very different from others in your organization. Then I'll help you to appreciate the results of your management in terms of how you will motivate and influence those above you on the org chart, at your level and below.

Once you understand your fit, the critical elements of your style and approach, you are then prepared to succeed more easily and more effectively.