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Why aren’t physicians happy? Oct 02

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I’m writing this article because of a comment relayed to me and attributed to the CEO of a large health system when he heard that a physician wanted to leave practice to enter administration. It was a simple comment, but a telling one. He said, “What’s wrong with him isn’t practicing medicine good enough?" Many of my web visitors are administrators or physicians in administration. Medical practices can be innovative organizations that focus on the highest levels of staff satisfaction. Unfortunately, if you look at the never-ending list of statistics about physician satisfaction, physicians leaving practice and even increasing rates of physician suicide, you know medical practice is not an inherently happy place to be. It doesn't need to be that way; it can be positive, innovative and supportive - and deliver great patient care. That's what the Physician-Centered Practice™ is all about. 

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Coaching isn't playing Nov 12

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Whether you're a physician or non-physician administrator, you can't step in and play the game for your best physicians. You need to coach them to be their best, which means practicing best for the patient as well as for the team.

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PCP is unique as the only consulting organization recognizing physicians as the drivers of healthcare with the objective of improving healthcare delivery by creating happy and successful physician practices. That means happy and successful physicians.