Building an Effective Medical Staff Means Helping Physicians be Successful Both in the Exam Room and in Their Private Lives.

Let's work together to make your organization and your physicians even more successful. 

I've probably worked in a very direct manner with more physicians concerned about career and practice issues than any consultant in the country. That's a big claim. And, although I can't substantiate that with comparative studies, I can say I am called and emailed by physicians literally every day of the week. And since I work as a solo entrepreneur, every call, every message, every text is answered directly by me. And, more than 1,000 physicians visit my web sites looking for information and answers every month. 

And, because I speak directly with physicians, they tell me their concerns, their goals and their objectives.

What I've learned from more than a decade of this work, coupled with 20-plus years as a hospital and healthcare executive, is that physicians are very concerned. They are concered about their own careers, their ability to foster a livelihood and they are concerned about their patients. And what drives their concern is great fear and frustration that they are loosing their voice in medical practice. That means both the direct patient care component of practice and how their practice, how their professional lives operate. 

What I've also learned is how to help physicians develop happy and successful careers. 

Contact me if you want to improve happiness and success within your medical staff.

Physician Burnout Is a Global Issue With the Potential For Devastating Impact on Healthcare Delivery in Every Developed Country.